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  GARY The ONLY Sales Entertainer and Trainer

Gary the Enter-Trainer:

Yes, as we all know, people learn and retain what they learned more permanently, if they are entertained in the process..

Gary invented a very striking way of training salespeople by entertaining them at the same time.

He and his Team of Actors and Actresses will put together some theatre acts together to highlight the disastrous myths in sales. Your sales people will laugh out loud and realise the mistakes they do when they deal with clients.

This is achieved by showing the actions of a conventional salesman trying to influence, convince, overcome the objections and eventually, struggling to close a sale. After everything salesman says, you will hear his and his customers thoughts at the background. If this does not make you laugh rolling on the floor, nothing else will...

Call us for an unforgettable experience to be included on your sales seminars, year end functions and sales functions...

Here is an example;

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