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  Why GARY the ONLY is different?..   Because, He is an Un-Trainer!

There are thousands of sales training programs in the world. Some work some don't.  Because some trainers do not properly understand and explain why and how people decide to buy?

Did you know, people make buying decisions within the first 17 seconds after their exposure to your salesperson almost irrelevant to your services and products (Subconsciously!) ..

Did you know that you could be selling a lot more, with a lot less stress, if you would not learn a word about
traditional sales training? Such as closing techniques, handling objections etc..
(You will not need them with GARY..

This is why Gary spends a lot of time to remove the false techniques, and false perceptions you probably have learned from past training, to PROTECT you from harming your own sales!!!

And we REPLACE such destructive sales "skills"  with modern and proven systems. You will be surprised to see that it is possible to sell more, with less effort and less stress..)

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  What exactly is SalesPerfect?
  Most of our clients have already been trained, unfortunately, by  traditional sales trainers or read such books in the past. As a result,  their sales figures dropped even further, while stress levels went up! They could not even understand what went wrong? They blamed the economy, market trends, their prices(!), salespersons' lack of experiences(!)

Fortunately; We helped them to discover the missing links between themselves and their customers by highlighting the subconscious effects of their actions and behaviors. 
Did you know that there are more than 10 myths or subtle reasons, causing a  customer to refuse buying from a salesman even if he was interested in the product or service! For example:

The Myth: A self confident salesman who is in control will sell more..

The Fact
: Customers associate such a salesman with a tricky salesperson, their boss or partner they hate/distrust, and rather deal with a salesman who  "connects" with them..
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  What is wrong with traditional sales training?
  Traditional sales training programs focus on SALES TECHNIQUES,TRICKS and TACTICS.. (Three Taboo "T"s ) which became highly well known to all customers..  Guess what happens then?
detect such insincerities subconsciously and immediately become defensive. Can you blame them? NO!..
Another hidden reason for rejections/objections: Traditional sales processes induce PRESSURE on both parties. Customer and the Salesmen. Any Unsuspecting Salesman applying the
traditional closing techniques to close the sale creates an unpleasant atmosphere, scaring the client, while de-motivating himself. Solution?
We help your salespeople to discover the effects of their learned behaviors on their clients and convert the pressure into PLEASURE by changing their attitudes.. And the good news is:
SalesPerfect workshops are
highly relaxed and entertaining, while being very effective. You will get almost instant results. Sales, Sales, and more Sales..



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