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  What is wrong with the traditional sales programs?

Indeed nothing wrong with most them! 
Then, why do you need the SalesPerfect approach?

-- What comes to your mind, when people use the words "frankly" or "trust me"? According to NLP, they always trigger the opposite response. They are likely to cause suspicion and make people think that you are not sincere and not trustworthy.

-- Traditional, "main stream" sales training systems sometimes can be helpful. However, most of them have deadly shortcomings. Fake and forced "techniques, tricks and tactics" are usually very  "obvious", and  when they are perceived to be effective, they rarely translate into profitable results.

Traditional "Old School" sales programs mostly teach us what to do, how to prospect, what to say, how to respond to objections, follow up and close a sale.

However, they assume that the customers are stupid and never faced with such old fashioned "tricks and tactics".
As a result, all they teach is:
"How to trigger rejection with undue pressure!" 

This is where SalesPerfect comes into rescue

You will be surprised to learn that, it really is possible to sell without customer resistance..


  Why SalesPerfect then? 

SalesPerfect is not a traditional sales training program. Instead, it is more of a motivational MIND-SET exercise to help you REALLY connect with your customers, resulting in a relaxed, pressure free BUYING atmosphere! 

You may be saying: "I already connect with my customers perfectly well!" 
I am sure you do, but to what extend? 
Think for a minute: How do you react to a salesman, if he/she tries to sell you something, using traditional sales tactics and techniques?

Do you let them know that you do not like the pressure?
Don't you feel like a fool when you hear the well known "key-phrases"? (You may be using the same ones to influence your customers!!)
Do you enjoy to be controlled?

SalesPerfect training will help you un-learn some of those artificial "techniques" and replace them with NATURAL and Sincere Principles. As a result, you will become a sought after sales FACILITATOR to team-up with your customers and automatically sell more. And as a bonus: You and your customers will enjoy the process! They will appreciate your approach and will refer you to their friends. 

Don't blame me if you spend all your time seeing more customers and earn commissions you never thought were possible!

  Expected results:

By invoking the Natural Salesman hidden inside every person, we guarantee the following results;

  1. As a sales facilitator, you will love to deal with your customers. Even with the most difficult ones.
  2. You will be proud to admit that you are in sales business.
  3. Your customers will love to interact with you and eventually, ignore your competition.
  4. You will not need to look for new markets. New customers will come to you. You will become the LIGHTHOUSE which they were looking for.
  5. You will never need to use shameful "Sales tactics and tricks" or any other harmful sales tools anymore..
  Does it work for every one?:

As long as a person is able to be honest and sincere with his/her friends and family, SalesPerfect program will bring perfect results.
It may take a while to adapt a completely honest and natural relationship with clients for some salespeople, but with enough practice, every sales facilitator will benefit from this program.


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