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  What is Sales Perfect? 

Information on SalesPerfect system:

 There are 2 types of sales person: Those who assume that they are already selling at their best and those who are aware of something missing for further success.

 But there is only one kind of customer: They all detect what kind of salesperson you are and react accordingly!

 In short, SalesPerfect Training focuses on removing all the obstacles between the sales person and the customer. This results in:

  • Less stress,
  • More sales,
  • More profits,
  • More personal and job satisfaction,
  • Less regret,
  • More referrals,
  • Better relations,
  • Fewer misunderstandings,
  • No objections(!),
  • And…

You will be surprised “HOW?” by un-learning some sales techniques and by becoming less of a typical salesman, your sales figures will increase to unexpectedly high levels without the associated stress...

Remember, it only takes one hidden mistake to loose a sale! And the bad news is: Most sale people are not aware of such mistakes. Even customers perceive them subconsciously and react defensively. This is why marketplace is full of stressed sales people trying to handle “objections” to close their sales and find reasons/excuses for their failures!

 Side affects of SalesPerfect Training: Your relations with your partner, children, boss and friends will also improve (un)expectedly!! Plus: Most sales people will not want to become a sales manager/director because, they will not want to loose direct contact with customers…

Here is an analogy:

If you just burn 100 grams of charcoal, you can only boil a liter of water. But, if you convert the same amount of charcoal into energy via a nuclear reaction, you can boil tons of water. SalesPerfect works the same way!. Instead of burning your salesmen out, I help them excel by converting their intrinsic skills into pure energy. 

After completing our SalesPerfect program, sales people can't wait to meet more people and connect with them in ways they never thought were possible. Because SalesPerfect system is a modern sales program, with the focus on facilitating a purchase with ease, and not on "pressure selling", where customers become defensive towards a salesman constantly trying to "close" a sale at their cost!

What did our trainees said?:

SalesPerfect system is striking, to the point, simple,
and effective but we did not realise its use and importance until Gary put it forward so beautifully. 

  How it works?

Salespeople attend to our training program to excel rather than to learn the basic sales tactics, tricks and traditional techniques..

Let me mention some of  the SalesPerfect principles:

Purchasing should be a relaxed and pleasurable experience.
There should not be any secret agenda between parties.
Nobody enjoys to feel like a "prey" in the hands of a predator.
Pressure selling does not work. 
Customer is your friend! and more...

We help you to recognise the feelings of your customers and respond with the most appropriate manners to deserve their trust, thus creating a "buying team". Resulting in long term relationships with your customers where every sale becomes a Perfect Sale and an unforgettable experience benefiting both parties.

  Expected results:
By invoking the Natural Salesman hidden inside every person, we guarantee the following results;
  1. Your sales facilitators will enjoy dealing with clients, even with the most difficult ones!.
  2. Your team will be proud to admit that they are in the sales business.
  3. Your customers will love to interact with your sales facilitators and eventually refuse to deal with your competition.
  4. You will not need to keep an eye on your sales facilitators and/or motivate them regularly. (All you will need to do is to support them when they need you)
  5. You sales facilitators will not need to search for new markets. New customers will find them.
  6. You will never consider to apply sales tactics and tricks or any other negative techniques again.. 
  Does it work for every one?:
As long as a person can be honest and sincere with his/her friends and family, SalesPerfect system will work for him or her. 

For some people, it may take a little longer to adapt a completely honest and natural relationship with others, but with continuous practice, every sales facilitator will be able to benefit from
SalesPerfect program.

Gary The Only
Don't Struggle to sell, But Excel!
Cell: 082 786 4870
Tel: 011 516 07 03
fax: 086 51 59 071
Aztecs sacrificed their children for the SunGod,
believing the sun would not rise the next day if they didn't!
You might be doing the same in sales..




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