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Please note that the following programme involves TELESALES skills in addition to our regular SalesPerfect programme!

SalesPerfect sales system is based on modern skills for the sales people who realised that old fashioned “traditional” skills do not work any more. This specifically involves TELESALES-Cold calling skills, as it is the most difficult part of selling these days. Since people receive tens of disturbing calls from untrained callers, productive calls also fail to achieve their purpose. We believe that we can help you to overcome such difficulties and end up with:


·        New ways to create and manage leads

·        More prospects prepared to listen to you

·        More eagerness to make another call

·        Less stress before and during the calls

·        More referrals from the original calls

·        Continued relationships

·        Less customer regrets

·        And more…


How can we do this?


Firstly we focus on what does not work and agree to make some changes. Delegates are encouraged to role-play, using a closed circuit telephone calling each other from different rooms and record their intentions, feelings and results.


Then, after a short discussion we create a list of items to focus on the training and decide what to un-learn and what to learn!


Such as: (Not in specific order)


·        Why using a memorised “cliché” may destroy the link?

·        Quality versus Quantity

·        How to warm up the talk

·        What makes people to listen to you?

·        What should be the purpose of your call?

·        Time is money! Or is it………..?

·        Objections. Who should handle them?

·        W.I.I.F.M principle

·        Are you self destructive?

·        Power Prospecting and resources

·        Records and statistics

·        False reasoning, false feedback

·        Sales analogies

·        What is your offer? Are you sure?

·        What makes people buy?

·        Perceptions or Reality?

·        Myths and legends..

·        How to follow up or stay in touch?

·        Surprises and their effects

·        Sensitivity and results

·        Do you deal with your vertical team properly?

·        Time and prioritising

·        Buying signals and interpretations.

·        Cultural differences and their effects.

·        Recognise and sell!

·        Closing. When and how?

·        Wrong numbers and voice mails.

·        Determine the M.A.N. wrong person?

·        Effective questioning and effective listening.

·        How to see yourself/company from the customer’s point of view

·        How to enjoy cold calling

·        Pressure versus Pleasure

·        Agreeing on commitments

·        False promises. How to avoid them?

·        Deadly mistakes. Why are they deadly?

·        After the call.

·        Motivation on demand. Our most effective module.

·        FBI approach. Just on time. Warm calling techniques.

·        Creativity on cold calling.

·        How to close more deals faster without the associated stress and frustration.

·        Ways to secure an appointment.

·        What if the call is interrupted?

·        Laws and courtesy on cold calling.

·        How to respond to arrogance and hostility?

·        How to LIKE the phone? Desk set-up and..

·        When to call? Course correction

·        Self rewards

·        Quick meditation

·        And more and more..


We will follow an agreed plan of action with considerable interaction with trainees to keep their attention high throughout the sessions with supporting success stories and humour. 

A number of role-playing exercises will be conducted as we go along and if required some real calls will also be made and corrective advise will be given before new calls are made by the trainees.


While I will encourage them to take their own notes during the training to ensure retaining the effects indefinitely, every trainee will receive an attendance certificate and supporting training notes will be handed out on files or on CD as well as motivational articles published by Gary the Only. A collection of sales jokes will also be the part of your package to help them remain in positive moods between the calls!


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